News From The American Redoubt:


Oregon Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property. – RBS

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Dad of CEO who announced 70K salaries: ‘We’re really surprised’ I wonder how surprised they will be when the price of a McDonald’s hamburger hits $15? I wonder if they can make the connection?

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Rural Residents of the People’s Republic of Oregon want to pump their own gas. – RBS

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Idaho Limits Forced Blood Draws From Motorists

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For those who are thinking of moving to the Redoubt area, Survival Realty has some awesome listings right now: “The Rawles family has enjoyed exploring the Salmon River area of Idaho. It is rugged country and truly some of the most remote in the state. Currently a resort, this property offers a remarkable opportunity for a self-sufficient retreat, with rooms for multiple families in an extremely secure location.” “This property, near Deary, ID has room for a family to set up a truly sufficient lifestyle, without concern for the world’s events! With the addition of an independent power system, this home has everything one might need to survive.” “This St. Maries property is an old homestead. Properties like this are a great pick because they’re historically proven as good sites for self-sufficiency without modern technology.” “This Sandpoint home on 30 acres is set at the end of the road, and offers an excellent location for micro-hydro power, as well as an extremely defensible location.”

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