Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game! – Part 5a of 9, by Pat Cascio

[Street Combat – This Ain’t No Game is a SurvivalBlog exclusive.] Chapter Three – GUNS & KNIVES When we get into the topic of guns and knives, it holds a special place in my heart. I have carried a handgun since I was 18 years old and some sort of pocket knife even longer. Deadly weapons don’t necessarily have to be used in the way they are generally intended for them to make an impact. Sometimes, the mere presence of one of these deadly implements is enough to stop an attack. The following is a true story. I know, I …

Letter: Disinfecting Drinking Water

Hi, Your articles have mentioned calcium hypochlorite. I went to the pool store today, and they had sodium dichloride. Should I ask specifically for the first? I’m not sure if the girl behind the counter is going to know how to help me on this one. Thanks – D. HJL Responds: We only recommend calcium hypochlorite, even though sodium dichloride is also used as a disinfecting agent. The pool shop should be able to order it for you. You are basically looking for a chlorine bleach solution to stabilize and disinfect your water. Liquid bleach has a very short shelf …

Economics and Investing:

Negative Interest Rates: It Is Like A Black Hole That Sucks In More And More Matter – Read: Capital – And Never Lets Go. This Financial Black Hole Story Will Also End With A Sudden Implosion, A Flash Of Light And A Big Bang, Just Like In Space… o o o What Will Happen to You When the Dollar Collapses?. – G.G o o o Deutsche Bank unit pleads guilty in U.S. Libor-rigging case. – G.G. o o o The Mystery Of China’s Gold Holdings Is Coming To An End

Odds ‘n Sods:

Nets Skip Wisconsin Police Raids Against Conservatives; Fox Exposes. – RBS o o o Constitution Revolution: How Does Washington Justify Its Unconstitutional Behavior?. – JBG o o o Declassified Report Shows Doubts About Value of N.S.A.’s Warrantless Spying . – JBG o o o New Way the U.S. Projects Power Around the Globe: Commandos . – T.P. A good read but requires a subscription. o o o Al Qaeda Hostage’s Family Paid $250,000 For Release, Obama Regime Didn’t Tell Them He’d Been Killed In January So They Continued To Negotiate . – B.B.