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News From The American Redoubt:

Oregon Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property [1]. – RBS

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Dad of CEO who announced 70K salaries: ‘We’re really surprised’ [2] I wonder how surprised they will be when the price of a McDonald’s hamburger hits $15? I wonder if they can make the connection?

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Rural Residents of the People’s Republic of Oregon want to pump their own gas [3]. – RBS

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Idaho Limits Forced Blood Draws From Motorists [4]

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For those who are thinking of moving to the Redoubt area, Survival Realty has some awesome listings right now:

http://www.survivalrealty.com/2015/04/bookers-retreat-remote-salmon.html [5] “The Rawles family has enjoyed exploring the Salmon River area of Idaho. It is rugged country and truly some of the most remote in the state. Currently a resort, this property offers a remarkable opportunity for a self-sufficient retreat, with rooms for multiple families in an extremely secure location.”

http://www.survivalrealty.com/2015/04/everything-idaho-greg-applegat.html [6] “This property, near Deary, ID has room for a family to set up a truly sufficient lifestyle, without concern for the world’s events! With the addition of an independent power system, this home has everything one might need to survive.”

http://www.survivalrealty.com/2015/04/spectacular-81-acre-farmstead.html [7] “This St. Maries property is an old homestead. Properties like this are a great pick because they’re historically proven as good sites for self-sufficiency without modern technology.”

http://www.survivalrealty.com/2015/04/tactical-hydro-retreat-strateg.html [8] “This Sandpoint home on 30 acres is set at the end of the road, and offers an excellent location for micro-hydro power, as well as an extremely defensible location.”