News From The American Redoubt:

I heard about a company in Boise, Idaho that makes some innovative AR family rifle parts: 2A Armament. – JWR

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Idaho company approved to fly with night vision goggles

JWR’s Comment: If this goes well, this may become a trend for use in landings at other remote airfields. Later generation NVGs that use two light amplification tubes can overcome the depth perception problems that are inherent with single tube designs.

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Rural Idaho: Population Decline to Reduce Available Labor Source in Next Decade

JWR’s Comment: The good news for Idaho-bound preppers is that this demographic shift means there will be less demand for rural real estate, keeping it affordable for retirees and folks who are self employed. I still strongly recommend developing a home-based business or working your way into a telecommute position before moving to The American Redoubt.

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Landslide risk across Inland Northwest increases with warm temps, rain in forecast

JWR’s Comment: Even though the natural disaster risk in the American Redoubt is relatively low, some risk is unavoidable anywhere on the planet.

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Pistol and sheath knife owners should check out these two companies: (in Idaho) and Dale Fricke Holsters (in Montana) and one of my consulting clients recommended this real estate agency: Northwest Montana Real Estate – JWR

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Nine additional air refueling tankers to be based at Fairchild AFB

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Muslims Furious After What Americans Just Did to Them in Montana – D.S.

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