News From The American Redoubt:

What do you think would happen to you if the government found out that you’d booby-trapped your property with a lethal device and your neighbor’s 14 year old boy and his dog happened upon the device, killing the dog and injuring the boy? You would be crazy to think there would be no jail time there, wouldn’t you? What if it were the government that had planted the boobytrap on public land and didn’t notify anyone? – HJL (Link sent in by reader P.M.)

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Bonner Co. declares state of emergency after flooding, road washouts. (Warning: Auto-start video.) JWR’s Comment: The only thing worse than a near-record snowpack is when it all melts at once.

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Veradale Boy Scout among the survivalists featured on Fox’s ‘Kicking and Screaming’JWR’s Comment: Watching television shows like this can yield a few very useful nuggets of useful prepping knowledge. And if nothing else, they reveal the depravity of human nature, as revealed in times of great stress and hardship.

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Amazon to begin collecting sales tax in Idaho.

JWR’s Comment: This change will become effective on April 1st. The only places safe from sales taxes in the American Redoubt will probably be Oregon and Montana.

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Real estate prices throughout the American Redoubt are moderate, by national standards. Only one county is an aberration: Teton County, Wyoming, with a median property price of around $1.1 million! This is because most of the property listings there are swank homes in and around Jackson Hole. The county is home to Yellowstone National Park and large swaths of National Forest, so there is very little private land available. The little that there is has been bid up to the sky by out-of-state retirees. It’s sad but true. – JWR

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From a non-prepper’s perspective: 11 Reasons Why I Moved to Idaho.

JWR’s Comment: A good article overall, but my Inner Editor is screaming: The name of that river is “Lochsa”, not “Lachsa”!

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