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Elbow Room Matters! Consider the  following:  Idaho County, Idaho measures 8,503 square miles (22,020 km2), but it has a population of just 16,267.  Thus, it is slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey (which measures 8,722 square miles and has 9 million residents), but it is larger than Connecticut and Delaware, combined. (They measure 5,543 and 2,488 squares miles, respectively.)  And ponder the geography and demographics of Sweetwater County, Wyoming:  It measures 10,426 square miles (larger than the state of Maryland, which is 9,707 square miles) and has a population of just 45,267.  Maryland has a population of just over 6 million people. Fewer people will mean fewer problems in the midst of a nationwide crisis.

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In Wyoming:  Proposed natural gas project tests sage grouse plans

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Interesting Idaho Facts

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Wyoming Fun Facts

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