Prepare the Wolf Within, by N.K.

If you are reading this article you are already awake to the impending Schumer Hits The Fan (SHTF) and whatever that could look like.

You probably already have your bug out bag packed, your rendezvous rural destination with loved ones, your hard copy maps, your silver coins and small bills, and your gun and ammunition.

If you are thinking you need to stay put you have your stored food and water, your medical supplies, your plans with like minded neighbors.

You may even have learned some new trades – perhaps you learned on YouTube from a Canadian how to be a makeshift dentist and affix a temporary filling for a broken tooth or a lost filling. Certainly you know the old Boy Scout lessons of different knots and building fires from scratch and medical emergency procedures in the wild. And you even know how to make a water filter from readily-found natural materials.

You have your “safe room” stocked with food and potassium iodate pills in case of a need for a nuclear fallout shelter.

You’ve been hitting the gym and the trails preparing your body for an escape by foot while carrying extra weights to simulate a back pack. You have your hammock and your tent and even your Mylar blankets to keep in warmth and block those drones from sensing your heat. You’ve got your hiking boots and the rest of the clothing needed to manage mother nature in all her forms.

You’ve taken classes on foraging food in the wild. You can spot the medicinal mushroom from the poisonous one. You know all about Chaga and how to access it’s medicinal qualities (including how the Russians use Vodka.) You got the berries down and know how to store those Goji berries while traveling through the dessert. You know exactly which plants are filled with nutrition and which will kill you.

If you are staying put, you have already been gardening. You learned that you need two different blueberry species contiguous to each other to get any crop at all. You learned to love those bees and worms. You learned that your empty toilet paper roll is a necessity for your small compost of fruit and vegetable scraps. (And you skip the dairy and meat unless you want the vermin.) You may even have found that Garden Tower where you can plant 50 plants vertically using just a couple gallons of water every other day (depending on climate) and needing no land to grow and no need to buy fertilizer.

You have learned that anything given to you from anything organized and funded is probably inverted. You don’t trust Government (or the concept of political parties), Education Institutions, Religious Institutions, Medical Institutions, Entertainment, or Media (to mention just the obvious.) And you are now learning that you may not even be able to trust your gut. You know that your gut has been compromised. You ingest probiotics to balance it – maybe a daily teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or homemade sauerkraut or yogurt. And that while your gut is out of balance, you need to rely on your heart.

You know that the Ph balance of your body is crucial to be at your mental peak in times of stress. You know the tricks to move an acidic body to an alkaline body, or vice versa. You avoid refined sugar and chemicals and other foods that stress your body. You are aware of foods that are toxic. Your quick and easy reference is “organic,” “wild,” and “home grown” foods. You know if you can’t spell it or pronounce it, it is probably stressing your body.

You have studied the founding documents of our country. You own hard copies. You know that once SHTF, and you will survive, you will be the new founders. You must know what our founders knew. Perhaps you will be able to improve the systems of self governance.
Perhaps you will at least be able to identify how/when/where we abandoned our constitution and prevent it in the future.

You know how to access the dark net. You have the IP addresses of your most trusted sources for news and information. You have a CB radio and an AM/FM with a solar or hand crank power source. You have the means to find likeminded survivors when all goes dark. You have pre-arranged communications with family and friends who are too distant to rendezvous.

You have decided on your commodity for trading. Perhaps it’s a service, perhaps it’s medicine, or ammo, or heirloom seeds. It is whatever is right for you but you have something and hopefully a few options. You have something to contribute to the game of survival and the adventure of rebuilding. There may be no handouts, only barters. You will have something to contribute.

You have or are becoming (prescription) drug free. You know that when SHTF, drugs will be hard to come by.

For those areas where you haven’t been able to become an expert, you have written directions. Perhaps it’s tips for gardening or natural medicine or filtering water or building with tools. Whatever you know that you don’t know but you think you will need, you have written instructions.

You have not forgotten the down time. Even though we’re living in a time of quickening, there will still be the hours we sit in the dark in the safety room. The time at dusk when we have nothing left to prepare and are sitting around the fire. This is the time we need some other items. Items to bring us joy. Perhaps a harmonica, a deck of cards, or even a blank journal. You remembered to put these items into place, too.

We believe we are the best prepared as possible. There should be nothing left, right?

May I suggest to you now, the most crucial aspect of preparation has been ignored.

While we have protected our body in a SHTF scenario, we have
ignored our soul.

To prepare our soul, we must take an honest look at our diversion from love and heal it.

It starts with me. Personally. Individually. It starts with you. Personally. Individually.

It is the reflection of the Cherokee legend of the two wolves found here.

It may be the hardest preparation of all.

Knowing what you hate in another human being and turning it around. Stop feeding the wolf of the head:

  • Learning to love those Libtards if you are a member of the
    Republican Party.
  • Blessing those trigger happy cops if you are a black person
    living an urban lifestyle.
  • Speaking kind words to that tranny while in line at the store
    with your school age children.
  • Forgiving those Conspirators who seem to be at the head of so
    many evils that have befallen us.
  • Loving your ex even though you were cheated and harmed so deeply.
  • Helping your parents that never even noticed they had children.
  • Refusing to white-lie, cheat the system, temporarily steal, or bend the truth.
  • Feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Believing in your superiority over others.
  • Assuming your neighbor owes you because of their hard work or
  • Allowing money to control you.
  • Believing in all the organized systems rather than your own expert internal answers.

So that in the rebuilding of humanity we consciously move forward feeding the wolf of the heart:

  • Conscious love.
  • Choosing joy.
  • Maintaining peace.
  • Living in serenity.
  • Bowing to humility.
  • Demonstrating kindness.
  • Walking in truth.
  • Expressing compassion.
  • Holding tight to generosity.
  • Intending benevolence.
  • Feeling empathy.

There is an understanding in the Universe right now that the only way to survive the devastation is transcendence of it. Some say that it is the fear that feeds the beast of this SHTF scenario. This fear is what “they” thrive on. If it is so, then we must rise to the challenge of “NO FEAR.”

Some even believe if we raise our personal vibration high enough, feeding the wolf of heart within us, we will be beyond physical reach of the bullets and famine. It is a worthy concept to consider. Perhaps the Universe is devising a way to bring enlightenment to humanity.

Do not fear what is to come. Do not hate they who have brought it forth. Embrace the change and prepare both your body and your soul for the aftermath. That is the blessing we have to look forward to. – Nancy K. in Los Angeles