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The indictment count for the Malheur protests is now up to 26 defendants, and for the Bunkerville, Nevada protests now 19 defendants. (Some of those overlap, with the same folks getting charged for their involvement in both incidents.) The so-called “final indictee” of Malheur is said to be Jake Ryan, of Plains, Montana. (But some observers have voiced doubts about the eventual number of people who will be indicted for the Bunkerville protests, claiming that additional sealed indictments have been prepared.) The wording of the formerly-sealed Malheur indictments has numerous Federal conspiracy and other charges that if convicted and served consecutively, could put most of the defendants away for more than 100 years. The charges range from “conspiring to impede federal agents to possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in federal facilities, use and carry of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, and depredation of government property.” It is noteworthy that Federal felony sentences rarely have the possibility of parole. As I’ve mentioned before, these indictments smack of politically-motivated selective prosecution. (In contrast, the threats and actual physical damage done by the “Occupy” protestors were much greater, but only one arsonist was charged with a felony and that was not a Federal charge.) Sadly, I believe that the Malheur and Bunkerville defendants will all get railroaded by the courts. Unless jury members stand up and do the right thing (through nullification), then lengthy sentences will be handed down, so their only hope will be an eventual presidential pardon. I predict that the eventual trials will be carefully stage-managed events, wherein the defendants will not be allowed to speak at length in their defense; they will be barred from making Constitutional arguments, and they will be barred from mentioning the right of jury nullification. I wouldn’t even be surprised to hear that they will not even be allowed to physically sit in the courtroom. – JWR

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Readers in The American Redoubt who want rust-resistant and more subdued finishes for their guns should visit this web site: Liquid Transformations. This Spokane-based small company does excellent Cerakote finishes in an amazing variety of patterns. Their “Mothwing Spring Mimicry” pattern makes a gun blend in quite well in the woods. Supplement this finish with a few bits of taped-on ghillie thread garnish to break up the outline, and your rifle or shotgun will seem to disappear. It is noteworthy that Cerakote in an earth tone or in a camouflage pattern is particularly important for any of your stainless steel, Robar-coated, or nickel-plated guns that might ever see tactical use.

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Wolf pack kills 19 elk in one night during ferocious hunting attack in Wyoming

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Do you have any pictures, videos, or stories, from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation? To dispute the government’s claim of damages, some Patriots are coming together to acquire and present evidence to the contrary. If you have pictures of the Refuge before or during the occupation, you can email them, or if you have videos of the Refuge before or during the occupation you can email them to

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