Odds ‘n Sods:

Anyone looking for tree felling rigging and climbing gear for arborists should check out Sherrill Tree.

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Reader B.M. mentioned a web page of interest to anyone living in cold country and of great interest to anyone who lives on Alaska’s Tanana River: Dangerous Ice. JWR Adds: BTW, I learned riverine operations in power boats on the Tanana, when I attended Northern Warfare School, back in 1980. That was great fun.

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Outrage of the Week: Do as I Say, Not as I Do–New York Elitists Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg Think Their Safety is More Important than Yours. OBTW, some pundits have suggested that one reason that Bloomberg wants to keep his entire armed guard entourage intact and well-paid is to keep them quiet. (That is, quiet about what they might have seen or overheard while guarding His Honor.)

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More Nanny State tentacles: US seeks to fine websites if disabled are unable to use

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