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I see that we’re close to logging our 60 millionth unique visit. SurvivalBlog is now averaging more than 320,000 unique visits per week. It is remarkable that we are still holding such a strong market share, even though there are now more than 50 competing blogs. Our archives are continuing to grow, and now approaching 10,000 pages if you were to print it all out. All in all, I’d say that we are doing just fine for a little niche blog. — November 10th in the United States is remembered in the United States as the “birthday” of the U.S. …

Remembering Dear Aunt Flow, by Kali

It is a reasonable assumption that most SurvivalBlog readers are already going to be in the preparedness mindset. Whether you’re preparing for a natural disaster, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, or something in between you must always have each and every family member’s needs in mind. Most of us start with the ‘generic’ items that everyone needs such as water, food and standard medical supplies. While that is the absolute best starting place for all families, after the basics are accounted for you should then consider any unique or special needs that you may have to provide for. Many of us …

Economics and Investing:

Government to Run Budget Deficits Until 2038; How Can Money Printing Stop? Treasury Will Issue Its First Floaters On January 29, 2014 Shades of 1929: Dow Jones Industrial Average Warning: Margin Debt Hits Record-High $401 Billion Items from The Economatrix: The Top 6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Second Passport We Are Close to The End: “The Con Job Is Up” AP Estimate: At Least 3.5 Million People Have Had Their Health Insurance Canceled

Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader Troy H. mentioned a map, updated hourly, of infectious disease outbreaks and diagnoses from around the world.    o o Billy Graham’s final evangelism campaign has been via a great Internet video. Please watch and share it.    o o o Ray Jason: The Sea Gypsy Tribe    o o o Andre D. suggested: How to Erase Yourself From the Internet    o o o I was recently interviewed by Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast.