Notes from JWR:

Npvember 22nd is remembered as the birthday of the late Eugene M. Stoner. (Born 1922, died April 24, 1997.) He was the designer of the AR-7, AR-10, AR-15, AR-180, the Stoner 63, and several other firearms. (The AR-10 was the basis of the AR-15 which in turn spawned the very widely used M16 and all of its variants including the M4 Carbine.) It has been estimated that as many as 3.7 million rifles from the AR-15 family are owned by civilians in the United States, and military production M16 variants well exceeds 8 million rifles. — Today we present another …

Basic Mechanics Skills and Knowing Vehicular Limitations, Part 1, by Z.T.

Basic mechanical knowledge and skills are something that any person who hopes to be successful in TEOTWAWKI must have. I am not speaking just about vehicles, but vehicles are an excellent avenue to learn them. I can only talk with authority on my own past, but I know that the wealth of much of my knowledge comes from my extensive background in working on cars. I won’t claim that any of this post is going to be something that you have never read before. I am even willing to bet that you heard much of this speech by a parent …

Letter Re: Low Voltage DC LED Strip Lights for Disaster House Lighting

Dear JWR: This might have been thought of before, but I just stumbled into something called LED strip lights. Here is a sample. They come in 15 meter rolls, are about 1/2 inch wide and have 300 individual LED lights. They can be cut into segments between every third light. They run off of 12 volts DC and are actually rather bright while using little electricity. If you purchased one of those little strips the reloading companies sell to mount inside the press so you can see what’s going on, it is probably this stuff. There are several versions. Some …

Economics and Investing:

Report: Government redistributes more than $2 trillion in one year Marc Faber Exposes The Consequences Of A Dysfunctional Political System Foreign Purchases Of US Securities Drop To New Post-Lehman Low Items from The Economatrix: The Red Queen’s Race And The Real Winners From Quantitative Easing: Celebrating The Five Year Anniversary Of Redistributing Wealth To The Top. Bernanke Says Economy ‘Still Far’ From Ideal Why Were Foreigners Large Net Sellers Of US Assets In September?

Odds ‘n Sods:

Radio Free Redoubt mentioned a useful report format: The Spot Report    o o o Here is another “made in USA” gear maker that bears mentioning: Vvego.    o o o H.L. sent this Nanny State news: The New Ban in Vancouver That Some People Just Won’t Be Able to ‘Handle’    o o o Looting and other crime prevalent in typhoon battered Philippines. (Thanks to Andre D. for the link.)    o o o A quite affordable option for bug out bags or get home bags: The Sawyer Mini Filter