Odds ‘n Sods:

JRH Enterprises is having an early Black Friday sale on New Gen 3+ Pinnacle Autogated PVS-14s, all ITT made tubes, with 5 year warranty. Comes with all the accessories plus a FREE weapons mount and shuttered eye guard. JRH is also throwing in an Infrared Beacon as well, all for $2,595. They also have other Black Friday sales in progress on FLIR Scout Thermal Imagers and
Dakota Alert (MURS band) perimeter security alarms.

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“When a right devolves into a privilege…” : Washington D.C. gun owners will be forced to submit fingerprints and pay a fee.

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Tim J. sent a fascinating interview video: Meet Fred Bieser, World War II Airplane Turret Restorer

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T.C. in Minnesota saw a great charity promotion when preparing to pre-order some chicks from Meyer Hatchery. When you place an order you can add a “Meyer Meal Maker” chick to your order and receive one free chick to raise to laying/butchering age and then they ask that you donate the eggs or meat to a local needy family or to a charity.

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