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G.G. flagged this: Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

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Further down the slippery slope to tyranny: Police Find Hidden Compartment in Man’s Car, but No Drugs or Illegal Items – So Why Was He Arrested? (Thanks to J.B.G. and H.L who were the first of many readers to send this link.)

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Another one of Mikey Bloomberg’s “crime fighting” anti-gun mayors is headed for the Big House, this time ironically on a gun charge: Marcus Hook mayor convicted in guns episode

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Meanwhile at the U.S. Patent Office: United States Patent – Number 8,436,730   May 7, 2013. “A system for disabling a fleeing vehicle via disrupting the vehicle’s onboard computer or electrical system.”

“The system optionally includes a tracking system for tracking the vehicle’s location and/or a remote sensing system for identifying a payload contained in the vehicle or asset. A launcher of the disabling/tracking device may be handheld or vehicle mounted, and may use high pressure gas or another propellant to launch the projectile at a fleeing vehicle. The system may include a tether for connecting the disabling device to a power supply disposed on a pursuit vehicle or a handheld launcher.”

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Reader Jason K. wrote to warn of a new Federal appointments steam roller: Senate Ends Nomination Procedural Fillibuters. Jason’s comment: “After this unprecedented and tyrannical move today, we must have to ask ourselves: “When is enough, enough?” When do we realize that the time is coming, very quickly, where a man must decide which side of the line he stands on, whether on the side of tyranny, debasement, slavery and evil, or whether he stands on the side of Freedom? I fear we may have just had our Enabling Act of 1933 moment (read: Reichstag Fire.) This does not bode well for the Republic. The storm clouds grow darker with every passing day.”

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