Economics and Investing:

More Friday Follies: U.S. Bank Failures Continue Apace. “Cleveland-based AmTrust Bank, with 66 branches and roughly $8 billion in deposits, was closed by regulators Friday, as the ongoing credit crunch continued to claim victims.”

Financial institutions urged to make banking accessible

UN says global economy will bounce back in 2010. [Again, one for the Economic Humor section.]

Items from The Economatrix:

Goldman Sachs December Party Ban: No Groups of 12 Or More. So, 10 lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing is totally OK. But if you see 12 bankers — they’d better be banking!

Most Americans Not Confident About Financial Future

Stocks Mostly Rise as Fed Sees Improving Economy

Senator Moves to Block Bernanke Confirmation

BofA to Repay TARP, Raise Cash

Ample Supply of Oil Drives Prices Below $77