Economics and Investing:

Federal Debt Jumped $409 Billion in October; $3,567 Per Household

Greek Companies Unable To Pay Taxes Explode From 182,000 To Over Half A Million In One Month (thanks to H.L. for the link.)

Reader Frank B. suggested a Time Monk Radio show where “Plane” leads the interview: The Plane Truth ~ Gas and Gold: Goodbye to the Petrodollar with Jim Willie. The latter half of the interview veers off into some conspiratorial speculation, but their conclusions on the death of the Dollar are quite sound.

Items from The Economatrix:

US Households Cannot Avoid Soft Default Consequences Of Deleveraging: While US Households Continue To Unwind Debt Total Public Debt Soars Out Of Control.

Over at Mac Slavo’s blog: Pennsylvania Food Bank Head Warns Demand Cannot be Met

Treasury Scrambles to Raise $60 Billion Extra Cash Ahead of Next Debt Ceiling Fight

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