Live Your Survival and Gain Sufficiency-Part 2, by E.M.

Mental Health

Physical health for the mind is equally as important as exercising it. Like our body, if we have an unhealthy mind there will not be much exercise. We must make sure that we are not taking with great excess or frequency those things that alter and damage our mind and cause us to lose focus.

There are also foods we can eat daily and place in our preparedness food shelter which will aid the biological make up of our physical mind. This topic is a book in and of itself, and there is a very large selection of reading available for download[3] or purchase to help navigate you in that direction. A brief mention here should serve as discussion for the purpose of moving on.

The Body

Our body, like our mind, is a very important element in the process of survival. It is our engine, our work horse, in the physical world. The stronger we are and the healthier we are, then the more effective we are to our family and ourselves. No one is suggesting that we all be washboard rippled, stubble faced paratroopers (HOOAH). However, a certain amount of mobility, strength, and stamina is vital when applying survival techniques in a deep survival state.

When we talk about physical health, gym memberships are out for many of us. They either cost too much or we are simply time restricted from going. Besides, we are not trying to be Arnold; we are just trying to be healthy and mobile.

Survival Tip For the Body (At All Levels): “Walk”

If you have a “Bug out Bag” or carry a 72-hour pack in your vehicle, strap it on and walk! Walk like your life depends on it, because one day it may. Even if you are the pillar of physicality, do it! There are several reasons for saying this. If you have never tried walking a distance, say three miles for starters, with a fully loaded pack, well, you are in for an awakening, and probably some blisters. You use different muscles than are utilized during every day activities, too, especially once you strap fifty pounds on your back and take a walk for three short miles.

  1. Get your family along with each of their bug out packs, get in the car, and take them for a hike in the woods, in a park, or even around the block, with the packs on! Do remember to bring them back!
  2. At the end of your family hike, eat some of the food and drink or some of the water that you carried along the way. Use the maps and navigation you have in your kits to get you where you are going. Try not to use outside resource you may not otherwise be able to find in a deep survival mode. (To offset the expense of consuming your supplies, use a recreational expenditure like pizza and a movie as revenue in the budget for replenishment of the supplies. You do not have to eat from your kit each time either.)
  3. On one of your expeditions, plan on pitching a camp. Do it solely with the supplies you have for shelter and warmth at hand in your bug out bag or 72-hour kit. Then, camp! Even if it is on your roof top or in your backyard, test your systems and yourself. You don’t have family? No Problem! Make it a date night or go solo!


Make sure you have a debriefing after your exercises. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just talk about the walk and camp, the food, and the overall experience. Try to get what worked well and what didn’t out of everyone. I can tell you from experience, it will be easier to get what didn’t work out of everyone much easier in the beginning. Don’t be discouraged. Who knows? You may actually find that you are lacking something you thought you had covered. It is far better to know now, when there is time to deal with it, than when you need it to perform and stay alive. Be sure to listen more than you speak. Replicate those things that worked for you and others. Remove or learn how to use the things that did not work. And be honest. Was it the ware that failed, or was it your inadequate knowledge of how to use it that made it less than efficient?

When this walk is done with some frequency and self-honesty, you will gain physical strength and refine your bug out bag. You will also build skill as a unit/family and begin to experience the reality of your preparations. You will begin to live survival!

In terms of keeping fit, I have never found great success in “work out” programs, except basic training and both advanced infantry and airborne training. Today, I have had the best success with just being physical in what I do. It keeps me “in shape” and remaining healthy. When faced with stairs or an elevator, I take the stairs; you can too. When faced with parking upfront or out in the north forty, take the north forty. Perform no less than ten solid minutes of calisthenics each day, twice a day. Refine your diet. Eat a single burger instead of a double. Also, drink water instead of a soda.

Taking simple measures and pushing your normal level of physical activity now will insure that in a time of distress or deep survival you will be able to rise to the physical challenge when it smacks you up side your head. It is going to smack us up side our heads!

The Soul

Far be it from me to instruct another on the development of their soul. That is not my leaning. The soul is solemn, and it is each man’s alone. The soul is a place that no one other than you and your God may see the true depths of its making. The soul is our collection of experiences. It is the place we hold the truth of self. We build the very foundation of our being in our souls. It costs us nothing to inspect our soul. It costs us nothing to question our principles with boldness. It costs us nothing to nourish our soul in deed. Our soul enables us to be light in the darkness. That very light can give others a place to move towards instead of over the edge with the rest of feudalists. By continuously strengthening the caliber of one’s soul and nourishing it with deed and honor through self-honest reflection and action, we have the ultimate tool in our bug out bag!

I will leave the spiritual tips to the chaplains of the world, as I can only speak to what works for me. I really would love to hear from you about what works best in your journey.

Be Better Prepared With the Ultimate Prep

There is a saying that goes something like this: “Whatever you have with you when the shtf, is all you have when the shtf.” So up your arsenal and refine it every day by doing something that will strengthen your mind, your body, and your soul. It does and will complement your arsenal of wares and weapons. That way no matter where you are, or what you have with you and no matter what happens, you will be armed, better prepared, and more aware.

A deep survival state is something that requires a greater survivability than our daily survival as men. Therefore, those skills[4] required in a deep survival state are going to be more foreign and untried for many. For others that have attained a level of survivability through practice, they will know what to do when faced with a state of deep survival. And for those who have attained a level of self-sufficiency through survival, they will know what to do, when to do it, and who to do it with.

While there is still time to stick your toe in the water, you should really get a feel for living even just a small part of a deep survival state modality. If you are already there, take the next step. However, be careful; you may just find yourself on a track to self-sufficiency– the ultimate prep!


[3]WebMd – But do they really work? There’s no denying that as we age, our body ages right along with us. The good news is that you can improve your chances of maintaining a healthy brain if you add “smart” foods and drinks to your diet.

[4]Skill – [skil] – noun: Having the ability to do something well, usually gained through training and experience.