Letters Re: Cold Steel’s SurvivalBlog Voyager Knife


Just a note to thank you for the input on the new knife design: WOW!—

I’m pretty cheap on knives but was recently chastised by a client and retired police officer to always conceal carry (we were at a police qualifying range so “thought” I didn’t need to there) and have a large folding knife in my pocket—ALWAYS!

He was very adamant, which woke me up in a good way. So seeing the JWR knife with all the key features that I felt were excellent, I ordered this knife to meet the retired officer’s recommendations; I’m very impressed!! – M.G.

o o o

Dear Hugh,

I received it via UPS today. It is a very impressive knife and certainly is “as advertised!” I am very pleased with this purchase and will purchase another as a gift. Convey to JWR that this piece is AWESOME! – M.R.