Announcing the SurvivalBlog Limited Edition XL Voyager Knife!

I’m pleased to announce that after more than a year of development, Cold Steel has released the Limited Edition Rawles Voyager Extra Large (XL) folding knife. This knife was specially made to my own specifications. It features the new Carpenter CTS XHP steel for superior edge holding and corrosion resistance, a half-serrated tanto blade for practical versatility, a black diamond-like coating for low reflectivity, and an olive green Griv-Ex grip that won’t slip and that blends in to natural environments. Each knife comes with a right-hand pocket clip installed and a spare pocket clip for left-handers. It has an ambidextrous thumb stud for fast opening, and a time-proven Tri-Ad lock to keep it securely open, even in the most vigorous use.


This is a massive folding knife. It has a 5.5″ blade and a 12.25″ overall length, with the blade open. The blade is a hefty 4 millimeters thick. But just beware that because of its large size that it is not legal for carry in all jurisdictions, so consult your state and local laws before ordering.

Carpenter CTS XHP steel is a fairly new steel alloy that combines the corrosion resistance of 440C stainless with the great edge holding of D2 Tool steel. Think of this new steel alloy as “the best of both worlds.” Like all other Cold Steel knives, it comes from the factory razor sharp and the knife has a lifetime warranty.

100% of Cold Steel President Lynn Thompson’s profits and 100% of my own profits are going to Christian charities. (My share has been assigned to Anchor of Hope Charities, which supports a well-established mission school in rural Zambia.)

Because this is a limited edition knife, they are expected to sell out in just a few months, and these won’t even make it to most Cold Steel dealers. So don’t wait to buy one in stores. Because this is one of Cold Steel’s first product offerings in the desirable Carpenter CTS XHP steel alloy, they are bound to be quite popular. Once they’ve sold out there will be no more of this model produced, so order yours today! – JWR