Letter Re: Wood Gasification

Mr. Rawles,
In response to a recent readers posting (Re: Raising Goats for Self-Sufficiency by Wife of NH Jumbo) A reference was made to wanting to learn more about the wood gasification used by Europeans to run vehicles without oil imports during and after World War II.
I have found a ton of information from Knowledge Publications. The books and videos while expensive can be priceless in the not too distant future. There is information and supplies for hydrogen, producer gas( wood or biomass gasification) methane digesters even refrigeration without electricity. They sell a small camp stove that produces and burns bio based gas they have for sale right no a small generator with the hydrogen conversion built in. Also see this YouTube video clip.
We like so many others here home school the kids, and the information in these books have provided several hair-raising, and eyebrow scorching science projects. But best of all it has let the kids, especially my “I am not going to sit still for this learning stuff” son, learn things that they can use in the future, regardless of when The Schumer Hits the Fan.
If nothing else, sign up for the e-mails videos and specials come in regularly that make you really want to roll up your sleeves and do it. – Tip in Lost Wages