Letter Re: What We are Up Against


You may be aware of my concerns over the potential for local infiltration of Islamists and what will no doubt ensure thereafter. As bad as some criminals are, most don’t gun-down 100 young adults in a club! And shockingly, far too many Americans fail to understand that horrific tragedy was considered desirable and “compassionate” by an Imam preaching in the local Orlando Mosque… Here is the video from their local TV station:

Look at the battle that Mayor Van Dyne in Irving Texas has been fighting… and how she was ambushed by her own city council members when it came to the vote (5 to 4) to protect their city against Sharia Law being effected in Irving Texas… We should do that now (resolution establishing than Sharia law is prohibited in our county).

Please read this:

Mayor stops Sharia Court – Muslims Angry (The Political Insider)

Muslims Demand Mayor Resign (USA Politics Today)

Did you know that London (UK) now has a Muslim mayor? And that mayor is guided and directs his authority based upon Sharia Law? Did you know we have many Muslim judges and other Muslim politicians in America already?

There is substantial factual background from members of our own intelligence community that tells us we cannot depend upon accurate or timely briefings from any Federal agency… in fact, quite the opposite, they are concealing need to know intel from first responders and law enforcement officials.

I strongly urge you to review these articles:

DHS ordered person to scrub records (The Hill)

San Bernadino: Feds Shut Down Terror Investigation (Daily Caller)

Government Cut Funding to Investigation (Fox News)

We are betrayed and misinformed by the very government (Obama, et al) we are expected to trust for our very protection, which makes the jobs of our law enforcement and county supervisors even more important than many may realize. Our own BOS should be taking steps now to ensure we have a solid anti-Sharia footing in place before the problem is endemic, as was the case with illegal pot growers… it just crept-in… and now it’s a huge all-consuming issue.

Did you know that ISIS (Islamists) have a “kill list”, which includes the names and addresses of 1,445 Californians. This leads any logical person the next question– how many of the people are in your county? Maybe someone you know is on the list?

If there are any residents of Siskiyou County on the list, the very least that can be done is to timely inform them of that fact and take measures to provide and afford them the ability to protect themselves effectively.

Did you know that the first accredited Islamic College recently came into existence right here in Northern California in Berkeley? And guess what their only offered degree is? “B.A. in Islamic Law and Theology“…

Did you know that Islamists are now influencing the actions of the administrators of our public schools? And student assignments?

Muslims are Islamists, plain and simple, and there is a percentage of them who are the source of the problem, while the balance of them just go along for the ride (majority of immigrant Muslims believe Sharia law should be the law of “our” land).

People who have disavowed Islam, the Quran, and Sharia law are no longer Muslim. For instance, Muslims from Iran who have converted to Christianity call themselves “Persians”. Political correctness has created a massive problem and is the newest divisive tool that Obama has brought to bear against true Americans.

For all intents and purposes, it seems that we are for the first time at war with ISIS and other Muslims on our home soil… that in spite of what Barack Hussein Obama said in his damage control speech. More and more, attacks on Americans by Muslims, on American soil are becoming the norm.

Muslims who come into our country (and our county) who do not want to be assimilated pose a fundamental threat to the American Constitutional way of life and, as we see, our very safety. Their beliefs are the antitheses of American beliefs. Will we wait until one of our own (locally) is laying in a pool of blood before we take measures in proportion to the developing threat?

It’s a fact that the vast majority of Muslims believe in Sharia Law, even after they have immigrated into a new county:

Are we all so engulfed and distracted by the local issues we are missing what is now certainly descending upon us?

More facts about Islam can be found at this article. – S.B.