Letter Re: Useful References on Metalworking

I recommend two books to help our readers understand metalworking. They might never need these, but they’re at least useful for understanding what’s involved:.

1. Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop

2. The Modern Blacksmith

And if you want to go a step further, there’s a nice compendium called “Useful Farm Implements”, though I suspect we’ll just focus on more immediate books like “Gardening When It Counts” though I personally recommend not using animal protein powder as a soil and feed amendment [as recommended in that book]. Prions, ya know?

On a more personal note, I remain stunned that the economic crash has driven down the price of oil instead of up to the stratosphere. Stunned, I tell you. Its funny that no matter how much education you manage, how much study you do, and calculation, you can still miss things. Good call on the economic crash, BTW. You pinned it down, 10 years ago. Must feel slightly queasy to find yourself right. The irony of course is that there’s been no civil uprising mess, so the strategy isn’t working yet. I try and stay fluid and adaptable instead of committing to a single strategy for success. But I don’t have a family to protect either. Keep well and don’t let reality get you down. Best, – Inyokern