Letter Re: Tuberculosis

I read the TB article linked to at SurvivalBlog. The comment section in it explains why we have a problem– all NYT liberals wanting to save the world…

Charity, while noble, should be private and personal. (I am not an organized church believer, so even that meets with my disdain, as example the harboring of the illegals being advanced by so called church “Christians” now, all Marxists in sheeps clothing….)

The influx of illegals now will cause a health crisis so that should be the number one concern; close the borders.

Thank you for all the work you do.

I am a legal immigrant and permanent resident alien. The term doesn’t bother me at all. Changing the words used allows the left to define the battleground to their advantage. Nomenclature shades the tides of discourse (war) against us. Instead of “pro choice” being countered with “pro life”, it should be “murder”. An even better term is cannibalism of our babies, where we have pictures on hand. The same “undocumented worker” versus “illegal alien” are terms used to create shock and awe, which isn’t just for the physical battlefield. Be well. Best wishes