Letter Re: Time Out


In reference to the excellent article Time “OUT”, by K.T., it is important to note the difference between “automatic” and “self winding” watches. Over the past couple of decades some companies have produced “automatic” and “kinetic” watches that charge an internal battery when the watch moves. These watches are different than “self winders” that wind the mainspring with an internal pendulum when the watch is moved. When the battery starts to go in these new automatics, it is very cost prohibitive to fix. Also, I’ll repeat what K.T. stressed in his article about buying quality mechanical watches– the cheap ones are a shadow of what a good watch should be.

Sadly, the quartz movement was much better before the EPA removed mercury from batteries. The old Hg batteries would sometimes last longer between changing than mechanical watches would last between cleanings.

Best regards, K.L.

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Good article on mechanical watches with the glaring omission of the Ball “Hydrocarbon Engineer” watch. I own several Rolex’s but wear the Ball brand watch around the ranch driving fence posts, slopping animals, and digging in the sand. The best Rolex does not have the impact resistance of the Ball, and it has 28 tritium vials marking the numbers, sapphire crystal, titanium/stainless band, and auto wind. Note that sapphire crystals don’t take welding splatter well and will pit, so don’t wear one while welding or grinding. Ball has been around since 1892 and led to the phrase “Being on the ball”. I’ve been a believer – O.T.