Letter Re: Suburban Survival Revisited

Good Afternoon,

After reading the follow up post from Suburban 10 on his state of preparedness, I have just three comments to make:

1. Congratulations on getting to the level that you’re at now. Realizing that you are not at the level you need to be is half the battle.

2. Now that you have the red wheat berries and a grain mill it is time to take the next step and learn how to cook the wheat. It’s better to have practiced cooking your long term food storage items when you have had the luxury of time to experiment rather than waiting until Schumer time.

3. Make sure that you practice cooking on your wood stove. It is a different skill than using a gas or electric stove.

Thank you Mr. Rawles for your continued hard work on the blog and God bless you and your family. – Julie H.