Economics and Investing:

B.B. mentioned a piece by Charles Hugh Smith: The Coming Collapse of the Real Estate Market

Siggy sent: The Case for America’s Future by Gary North

SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson notes that the oft-cited animated recession map was updated again last week. This is really looking grim.

More FDIC Friday Follies: Three more banks bit the dust on Friday. This time the announcement was two banks in Missouri and one in Kansas.

Items from The Economatrix:

K.A.F. flagged this: US Cities Face Half a Trillion Dollars of Pension Deficits

Dollar Keeps Falling As Investors Await Fed Action

Market Rallies For Flat Finish

The Biggest Tax Hike Ever? Depends On Who You Ask

Bank Stocks Keep Falling As Mortgage Fears Mount

Credit Card Writedowns Mostly Improve In September

85% Of College Grads Move Back In With Parents

Western World At Risk Of Financial Collapse