Letter Re: Some Good Things Prompted By SurvivalBlog

The following are some things SurvivalBlog.com has prompted me to do since I began reading it:
I’ve had no debt for 20 years, but my meager holdings are now about 1/3 precious metals. Is lead considered a precious metal? 🙂
My freezer is full of elk, whitetail deer, and caribou. I added to my long-term foods during your Safecastle special, but I’m now reviewing the viability of my existing stocks. Like the realtor’s mantra of “location, location, location”, a survivalist’s creed should be “Rotate, rotate, rotate. “
A 10 KW Generac generator is ready to be wired to my primary residence.
My primary heat source is now a shelled corn burner
My wife and I just finished a first aid course refresher and bought a couple of family-sized first aid kits from the American Red Cross.
I upgraded my firearms battery to include a third .308 Winchester rifle–a DPMS Panther LR-308 [AR-10.] An accurate load for the Sierra 168-grain HPBT has been found and loading on the Dillon press commences soon.
During this year’s whitetail deer hunt, our group adhered to the hunting laws but still kept in contact with our MURS Radios.
And thanks to your blog, I’m practicing preparedness more. I’ve never learned how to take a deer apart other than simple de-boning. So with instructions at the ready, the wife and I will skin this year’s buck and carve the meat into steaks, roasts, stew meat and burger. But with a full freezer, I’ll be practicing charity by giving it to my friend Mike, a less fortunate carnivore.
Now it’s time to renew the 10 Cent Challenge subscription. There is much more to do and learn. Merry Christmas to you and yours, – Redmist