Letter Re: Rocket Stoves

Hi Jim and Hugh,

I have appreciated the rocket stove articles.

If one has the funds and is less mechanically inclined or adept at welding, I have purchased a Stove Tek rocket stove and am very pleased with it. They have upgraded it some from the one I bought.

I think probably from your website a few years ago someone suggested that a Saratoga Jack ‘slow cooker’ would work well with the rocket stove, and wouldn’t you know it does. There is an interior removable stainless pot that fits nicely on the rocket stove. I boiled water using leaves and twigs and inserted the stainless pot in the insulated liner and 13 hours later the water temperature was 140 degrees. Impressive. Watch the Saratoga Jack demonstration video on their website to see how well it cooks things. – MtH