Letter Re: Light Blocking Suggestions for Windows

Hello Jim,
I’ve been following the window light blocking conversation with interest. The prospect of spending money and time for highly specialized fabrics or felts, for a highly specialized purpose, which may or may not be a future necessity, just doesn’t feel affordable or practical to me. In comparison, I believe my simple, flexible, and inexpensive alternative approach has much to offer.

I’ve been stocking up on large Polar Fleece blankets, as a multi- purpose basic material, from my local thrift store, where I can often find a queen or king size for around $10. Two or three folded layers will block out any light as necessary. The fabric can also be used for clothing, for insulation, for padding, and for so much more. I prefer to think in terms of basic “building block” materials that can serve many functions, and this is one good example.

Keep up the great work! – J.S.

JWR Replies: Regardless of your solution, be sure to check your completed handiwork from outside your house on a dark night, first with your naked eye, and then with a starlight scope. Any small remaining light leaks (typically seen around the edges) can be remedied with black gaffer’s tape.