Letter Re: Holster Recommendations

Hi Jim:
I plan to open carry in my new county here in Colorado, and I’m looking for a vendor that sells attractive leather shooter’s belts and nice leather holsters for M1911s and Glocks. Do you have any preferred vendors/manufacturers you can recommend? I’ve only ever carried [pistols] on [military] Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) so this semi-casual leather belt open carry thing is very new to me, as is the civilian gun culture 🙂 – Eric

JWR Replies: We mainly carry Kydex Blade-Tech brand holsters and mag pouches here at the Rawles Ranch. And for the most part we use modestly-priced Uncle Mike’s black nylon/velcro belts. (they are “Plain Jane”, but sturdy and functional.) We do have a couple of leather holsters made by Milt Sparks Holsters. Their belts and holsters are highly recommended. I’ve been doing business with them for more than 20 years. They don’t skimp on quality. The Milt Sparks belts and holsters range in style and price from utilitarian (like the rough-side out “Summer Special”) to some that are downright stylish. (And priced accordingly.)