Note from JWR:

The high bid in the SurvivalBlog benefit auction is now at $425. This auction is for a scarce pre-1899 Mauser that was arsenal converted to 7.62mm NATO. It has a retail value of at least $375. The auction ends on May 15th. Just e-mail me your bid. Thanks!

Letter Re: Question on LEDs and EMP

Hi Jim: Your blog is the best I’ve come across on the Internet. Very useful information. Regarding the subject of [Electromagnetic Pulse] EMP, are the new Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashlights more, or less immune to EMP than those using conventional incandescent bulbs? Modern solid-state circuitry is in grave danger of terminal damage in the event of an EMP occurrence. LEDs are composed of a semiconductor junction, similar to transistors and integrated circuits. Do modern LED flashlights have enough of the right characteristics to pick up sufficient EMP burst energy and become permanently useless? Your comments please, and thank you. …

Letter Re: Keeping Firearms Functioning in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Hi Jim, I’m in the middle of reading Roy E. Appleman’s book “East of Chosin“. It is an account of the tragic fate of the 31st Regimental Combat team during the Korean conflict. Several references talk about the soldiers weapons (especially M1 Carbines) locking up due to the extreme (-20 Fahrenheit or greater) cold. It mentioned how the Chinese weapons worked because they had little or no oil in them. I imagined those weapons had a short operational life without lubrication, but they worked when needed. What would you recommend to keep firearms functional in extreme cold? A dry/powdered lubricant? …

Letter Re: Expedient Footware

Jim, I was doing my nightly research on the web and discovered a great resource for making Expedient Footware. This seemed a slick and quick answer. Check out this link for the directions on fabricating sandals out of tires. I printed a copy of the instructions and they will become part of my library for that rainy day event we all hope never happens. The children and I will make our practice run set here shortly. – Matt B.

Odds ‘n Sods:

From reader RBS: Dash for green fuel pushes up price of meat in US    o o o Larry LaBorde, was quoted at, on April 13th: “The United States dollar index has dropped below 82 today. We would do well to remember that the index is just a measure of the USD strength in relation to other currencies. It is sort of like measuring the USD with a rubber yardstick. While all currencies are racing to zero the USD just got a little ahead of the others. Check out and scroll down until you get to the current …