Note from JWR:

Tomorrow is the last day of bidding in the current SurvivalBlog benefit auction for several items (including an EMP-proof antique radio, four books, and a copy of my “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course) that are being auctioned together as a lot:. The auction ends on April 15th. The current high bid is at $425. Just e-mail me your bid. Thanks!

Letter Re: Three Liabilities Addressed: Refrigeration, Sanitation, and Fuel

Jim, This is in response to “Three Liabilities Addressed: Refrigeration, Sanitation, and Fuel” article [by James D.]: Refrigeration is only a big problem for survival when one makes poor choices and is dependent on obtaining fuel for a generator to power a typically inefficient refrigerator. Refrigeration is relatively easy if one has planned ahead and made the right investments in both refrigeration and power generation before a crisis when one can still get the required system components. Most refrigerators and freezers are inefficient, often using 500 to 1,000+ watts per hour. Choosing the right refrigerator, adding insulation to its exterior, …

Letter Re: Free Shipping Special on MURS Radios

Hi Jim, I have been fortunate to acquire another batch of $49 MURS radios. In honor of Patriots Day and the wonderful support from your readers I am able to again offer them a special deal. With the purchase of two or more radios you will get free shipping. Please see this special ordering page for details. This offer will expire when supplies have been depleted so don’t delay. These radios are ideal for spring and summer outdoor activities as well as for use in “hard times” communications. Thanks! – Rob

Odds ‘n Sods:

RBS pointed us to another article on the unintended consequences of the ethanol boom: Wheres the Beef?? It Better Be in Your Freezer   o o o Some serious FFTAGFFR Reader Bill F. recommended this: Shift Happens. Bill’s comment: “[It is] a video with information about extrapolating numbers about our population compared to China and India as well as education and technology rates of change. Stunning!”    o o o Chuck mentioned this essay by Prof. Goose, over at The Oil Drum: A Letter to My Brother: Peak Oil in Greater Detail    o o o Florida Guy sent this: …