Letter Re: Glock 30 Pistol Product Review

Good Morning,
I have used the Glock 30 and Glock 30S as back-up guns along with the Glock 21 and Glock 41 a primary carry guns. I started carrying a Model 21 several years ago after training at Front Sight. I changed to the Model 41 after it was introduced by Glock because I prefer the longer sight radius and increased muzzle velocity that  it offers over the 21 or 30. I also switched from a Glock 30 to the Glock 30S as a back-up gun when the [lighter, thin slide] 30S became available.
One item that Pat left out of his review that is another plus for both the Model 30 and the 30S is that the 13 round magazine made for the Model 21 and 41 fits right into the 30 or the 30S. My hand is wide enough that I actually much prefer using the 13 round magazine in both of the smaller guns so that I have a place for my little finger. Most people I know who carry a Glock 30 or 30S have 13 round magazines in their magazine carrier for tactical reloads even if they carry a ten round magazine in the gun itself. You can also get aftermarket sleeves for the 13 round magazine that allow for a better “look and feel” when used with the smaller guns only. Since I primary carry the larger guns I do not use the sleeves.
Best Regards,  –  N.F.