Letter Re: Fears for the Future

Hiya Hugh!

The letter addressing the changes in people in recent years highlights what has just recently happened in my family. For the last four years, I have been the “Chicken Little” prepper in my family, sounding the alarm, trying to show the warning signs of the impending crash hurtling our way. My family is a conservative family, but they were still asleep when it came to the reality of just how bad things will be for the unprepared. I remember a debate I had with my dad, where he said that if it all went down and people were coming for his food, et cetera, he would just let them kill him; he would offer no resistance. I have to chock that attitude up to his ethnic background of Mennonite pacifists.

Well, after years of saying my piece, I decided that I would just shut up, and if they ever decided to become preppers, they knew where I was. Then about a month ago, my mom told me she was coming up my way and asked me if I would show her how to store dry goods in mylar bags. Yes! Then just this holiday weekend, she started telling me their plans for having a BOL on the back end of their property with stored water and food. I asked her why they were coming around to prepping, and she said my dad read an article in the local paper about what would happen to us if a CME or EMP fried everything. She also said that everyone and their dog was now selling LTS foods and survival gear. Why? Because people see something bad coming and supply is trying to meet demand for survival supplies.

So, to encourage everyone out there who has felt like your warnings are falling on deaf ears, they are not. You just have to be patient and let them figure it out. You will then have friends and family coming to you for advice on how to be prepared. I have been compiling a quick shopping list to give to friends and family that will supply them with three months to one year worth of food in one trip. I would suggest that everyone else have a quick list to give to others as well. Who knows, when they come around, there might still be time for them to put something together. – R.K.