Letter: Fears for the Future


First let me say “thank you” to you and the staff at Survival Blog for all that you do. I rarely miss your daily posts, and even then it is because occasionally I must work away from home.

Second, I wanted to respond to something said in today’s (9/1) post from the pastor from eastern Washington. He commented about how frequent we seem to hear of people’s concerns about our leadership and of the lack of hope, the concern, and despair that seems to be echoed in faces and voices of people around the country. During my work day, in a professional capacity, I am in people’s homes all day. At a minimum this is a five county area, and occasionally I might be required to be in counties spotting an entire corner of the state. In fairness I feel that I should preface my comments to the state that I live in the central United States, and generally people are possibly more conservative here than in other areas of the country. That said, as of the last couple of years, I have seen a profound change in people. Honestly, I can not remember the last time that there was not a day (not one work day) that at least one, and often multiple persons, have brought up their concern about the direction our country seems to be headed and their fears for the future and also for their children’s and grand children’s future. They often will express a need to start “putting things away” and will spontaneously talk about preparations they are already making. Now, because of my professional capacity in their home, prepping is not a topic I can bring up. That individuals bring this up to a stranger almost daily is a significant change from only a couple of years ago. These are people that run the gamut from just very concerned individuals and families to more often prepping in some manner to full blown hard core peppers and survivalists. – RK