Letter Re: FCC Eliminates Morse Code Requirement for Ham Radio Licenses

Hi Jim and Family,
I thought I would pass along a bit of news for Hams. The FCC has done away with the Morse code requirement for all U.S. Amateur Radio Licenses. The current No Code Tech license will change to include the Tech Plus license privileges. I can see advantages for knowing Morse code for communications. One thing it will punch through almost all interference and cover more distance on less power. However the FCC must have thought that the code requirement had become more of a hindrance to Hams as opposed to a benefit for each level of license. The changes should become effective sometime in February according to the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) site. Here is the ARRL web page with all the information on the ruling.
I know a lot of Hams who bemoan the fact that the code requirement has gone away. I do understand their point. And unfortunately a part of communications history has passed. However I can see a benefit in one way. More Hams will more than likely seek a higher license level. And those who learn the code will do so not just to fulfill a requirement but for the love of the code. Those who did manage to learn for advancement did not necessarily keep up their skills and the code was not a big part of their abilities. Hence those who have a love of this mode of communication should preserve the code. 73s and Merry Christmas, – The Rabid One