Letter Re: Concealed Carry Permits–Pros and Cons

Hi James:
I’m just wondering what you and your readers think about concealed carry permits? When the SHTF, do I want to have a permit and be within the bounds of the law, but also be “registered” with the government? So far, all the weapons I have are hand-me-downs, so haven’t had to do a background check for purchasing a new weapon, but needing a new handgun, so unless I find a private sale, that may soon change. Any thoughts or advice? – Greg S.

JWR Replies: My view on this topic is undoubtedly biased, since I live in a western state where open carry without any permit is legal, as is carrying a loaded gun in privately-owned cars and trucks. So my view is: why pay a fee to seek permission for something that is our pre-existing right and hence should already be legal?

FWIW, I predict that Idaho and Montana will soon follow Wyoming’s “Constitutional Carry” lead and legalize concealed carry inside of city limits with out any permit. (Freedom is on the march!)

For those who live in more regulated states, getting a permit might make sense. And even for me, it might make sense so that I could carry concealed when traveling out of state. (Under interstate reciprocity agreements.)

I’d appreciate feedback from the blog’s readership. I’m sure that opinions must vary widely.