Letter Re: Christian Health Care


I am not a spokesman for any health care provider, but I have had experience with one! Regarding the postings on Christian Health Care sharing programs, I have to weigh in. My wife is a member of the Christian Health Care Ministries program and has been for about three years. She selected a mid-level program and we just bite the bullet and make the monthly payments without fail, as hard as it sometimes is. Living in the Pacific Northwest/American Redoubt, we were not sure of available providers that would accept CHM, but we were in for a surprise! About a year ago, my wife had serious health problems and was admitted to a major hospital in Spokane. We had never used the CHM program, but the hospital had and there was no problem with admissions or billings. Over the next month, there were numerous visits to both the doctor, hospital, and other associated health care providers. Treatment terminated with surgery. Our total out of pocket expenses were less than $1,000.00, and while I won’t reveal the total cost of treatments, well over $100,000.00, the amount agreed on between the providers and that paid by CHM was staggering!

Wife has since used the program at a couple of Emergency Clinics in Idaho and has had emergency treatment at a Washington facility and a doctor’s office with no problems with the acceptance, billing, or payment, and the provided care has always been excellent. I would highly recommend CHM or other faith-based medical programs to anyone seeking a reasonable cost emergency health care program! CHM has three levels of coverage; one can select from bronze, silver, and gold, with the difference being in the initial cost and the deductibles. From my experiences, these programs work well!