Letter Re: Asian Avian Flu, Storage Food, and the Current Bulk Ammo Shortage

Mr. Rawles,
Katie bar the door, get your beans and bullets, now. Driving into work I heard the supreme potentate Sean Hannity himself say that he had a stockpile of food as well as a separate broadcast facility closer to his house with generator back-up and its own satellite feed for when “times got bad.” His caller was giving Sean the Mormon guide to foodstuff stocking per adult per year. I don’t know what the lead in for this discussion was about, it might have been Asian Avian flu or the Iran situation, but I thought it was interesting that a national audience heard a national commentator state he had a stockpile in place and thought it was a good idea. I bet Sam’s Club will be overrun tomorrow morning.

Speaking of Bird Flu, I am a nurse in an ER in Texas and we (Doctors/Nurses) just had to complete an internal continuing education course on how to contend with a flu pandemic. After finishing the course we (nurses) came to the conclusion that when this transpires there will not be enough supplies/medication/respirators/positive pressure rooms to go around. It will be beyond most humans’ comprehension how fast the medical infrastructure as we know it will crumble.

A side note on the ammunition threads that have popped up lately. I have the great fortune of living near Cabela’s, Cheaper Than Dirt and numerous Academy Sporting Good stores. Academy has virtually NO handgun ammunition on the shelf in any store. The clerk told me there would be none in the foreseeable future because their warehouses have none. Cheaper Than Dirt has NO 7.62 [NATO] on the shelf and has had none for the last two months. I was at Cabela’s last week and they had the handgun ammo and .223 but I could not find 7.62. The local gun show in Dallas this past weekend did have all types of ammo and that situation was taken advantage of, believe me. I would advise stocking up ASAP, guns/ammo sales are skyrocketing. R.S., RN