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Letter Re: More Backup Generator Advice

Hi Jim,. Hurricane season is just around the corner here in Florida and I am getting ready to buy a backup generator for my home. To be better informed, I have gone back and re-read all the past survivalblog entries on generators, so I am pretty much up to speed on it. My last step is to decide what size generator to buy. One additional piece of information that would be helpful to me, and probably others, is to have an idea of how much wattage it takes to run each of the various typical appliances in a home ranging …

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The Army Aviator spotted this one for us: The Sun’s next 11-year cycle could be 50 percent stronger. See:   o o o This page is very nicely done:  An on-line survival quiz:   o o o Walter Jefferies at found an article in which the FDA admitted that the measures already in place are enough to protect against BSE. See: