Letter Re: Advice on Where to Learn Practical, Tactical Skills

USRSOG conducts a civilian S.E.R.E. (Search Evasion Rescue & Escape) class once a year. They teach primitive fire-building, Evasion techniques, field camouflage techniques, some plant identification, hand-to-hand [fighting] techniques, natural cordage making, [flint] knapping and a bunch of other things like primitive shelter making. These guys are hardcore and I’m blessed to have known them and took their class last year. This year’s class is April 27-28-29 and I think there is still time for any last minute sign-ups but your readers will need to contact them right away. Students also need proof that they are right with the law by producing a CCW license or letter from their sheriff stating that they have no outstanding warrants. They don’t want to teach bad people [potentially] bad things. The cadre are all made up of retired [U.S. Army] Special Forces, Rangers, SWAT, so the stories they tell are worth the price of admission alone, which is $250. Not a bad deal for the knowledge you get in return. – A Reader