Letter Re: Advice on Storing E85 Ethanol Fuel

I’m sorry, but that Wikipedia article gave you bad information. It’s describing the situation for E10, not E85. You’ll note it doesn’t give you a reference to a study backing up this analysis. On the other hand, this Wikipedia.page does: Ethanol Fuel Mixtures
The key graph is on page 32 of that reference
Similar graphs and conclusions agreeing that the sensitivity to phase separation declines as the percentage of ethanol increases are available elsewhere:
From the US EPA
From Cim-tek

Regards, – PNG

JWR Replies: Thanks for correcting my error. My humble apologies for not researching my reply more thoroughly. One of the things that I love about SurvivalBlog is the breadth and depth of knowledge that is possessed by the readership. If I err, I don’t hesitate in posting a correction.