Letter Re: Advice on Storing and Recharging Hearing Aid Batteries

Thank you so very much for what you do! Your blog is the best resource on the net for preparedness info, news and views that I know of! My 8 year old daughter wears hearing aids in both ears,. How long can I reasonably expect hearing aid batteries to store? In the event of TEOTWAWKI, I would be heartbroken to see my little girl unable to utilize one of our most precious senses. I imagine many elderly folks may have the same problem. What a very dangerous predicament to be in, the world falling apart, and you can’t even detect someone speaking to you, or creeping up behind you…
Any info will be greatly appreciated, once again thanks! – Matt C.in Northern Ohio

JWR Replies: You probably missed the link in SurvivalBlog a few months ago for a clever little photovoltaic button battery charger. Buy two or three of them. And of course buy a four year supply of batteries, and store them in your refrigerator. Rotate your supply religiously, using the FIFO method, once established.