Letter Re: Advice on Long Term Moth-Proof Clothing Storage?

A great deal of discussion regarding emergency kits, bug out bags, and general storage of necessities always dominates survival and preparedness related literature, web sites and blogs. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the best way to pack clothing for long-term storage. Ideally, vacuum sealing of individual items as well as a complete days worth of clothing would be best, however in the absence of a close to anaerobic environment that would keep out moisture as well as most fiber eating insects such as moths from staying alive to eat holes in your clothes, what can be done to kill or neutralize insects from destroying clothing? Not everyone can afford a vacuum sealer and the costly bags that are necessary. Maybe there is a method to use common good quality garbage bags and “zip lock” bags for success. Are common mothballs sufficient to render insects dead? if so how many etc, Do any readers have any suggestions or old fashioned methods that would be helpful? Are there any Homemakers who might be able to render advice, Are there any web sites dedicated to this topic, Maybe a military Tech Manual dealing with warehousing of items might be available? I think this topic is worth exploring. Thanks, – Boosters

The Memsahib Replies: We have tried several brands of commercially-made vacuum storage bags over the years, and have been disappointed by all of them. Nothing bigger that the small Food Saver bags (which we use for socks and other small articles of clothing) seems to hold its seal for a long period of time. Either the plastic breaks down and the bags develop splits, or they get punctured with handling, or the various sealing mechanisms don’t retain their airtight integrity. 🙁 Do any SurvivalBlog readers know of a brand that really works for long term storage?