Letter: Prepping with Cancer


I’ve just started chemotherapy and would like to ask your readers about resources for preparing while working through cancer? – J.

HJL’s Comment:

Having been through that exact same scenario myself, I can tell you that I didn’t change much. I was more careful in what I chose to eat (and store for future eating) and I learned more about taking care of myself while avoiding things in our society that are detrimental (like fast food), but overall, my goals stayed pretty much the same.

During chemotherapy, you will most likely be exhausted so plan accordingly. Learn to be flexible in what you plan. I’m sure that many more of our readers have also been through health crises like this.


  1. Yes, “J,” we’ve been thru the chemo + rad treatment as well. For us, it was not all that tough. We didn’t even need the sophisticated “anti-nausea” pills sold us @$100 per pill (sorree–no refunds on pills!)

    TIPS: stay positive–God, your family and friends still love you (probably much more!)Eat well–balance your diet. Most of all–get proper REST. Sleep well. Turn off the TVs and radios. Relax. Take naps.

    Soldier on! These wonder drugs today really do work wonders. Get that “C” in remission and whip it!

    Develop the mindset and attitude of a fighter: “Mr. C–you picked the WRONG PERSON to mess with! I am going to whip you!”

    Peace and Blessings from our Family to yours.

  2. I lost my wife to cancer and in the process have given thought to prepping while she was undergoing chemo and radiation. The first consideration would be will the cancer change your philosophy on bugging out or bugging in.

    Many people get very sick from the chemo and as Hugh said, exhausted. If the time to bug out came while you were very ill, how would that impact your desire to leave? Plan accordingly.

    We determined to stay in any case so my wife’s illness did not change our plans.

    Another consideration is that you may need to be within proximity to your medical team for future treatments. Chemo is given in “rounds” with each lasting maybe 6-10 sessions.

    Beyond that eat as healthy as possible and stock up on healthy foods, even if you have to can them yourselves.

  3. My guy, age 52, was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in the throat five weeks ago. This is apparently becoming an epidemic in middle age men: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/cancer/hpv-related-cancers-epidemic-men-report-finds-n605546

    The signs are subtle and sometimes non existent until there’s a lump on the side of your neck, he started snoring when he hadn’t before, was coughing because felt like he had something stuck in his throat. He’s halfway through chemo and radiation and completely trashed. Lost over 30 pounds already. In spite of three anti-nausea meds, oxycotone, and multiple mouthwashes meant to help he hasn’t eaten except taking nutrition through the tube in two weeks and can’t sleep. You ARE going to need some help, if you’re alone I hope you will contact some relatives, friends, or a local support group. Don’t even THINK about your preps until you turn the corner and start to get better.

  4. James: I had this discussion with the dieticians. High levels of anti-oxidants can interfere with the radiation. They suggested not getting any multi-vitamin with over 100% USRDA of vitamins A, B, or E.

  5. I took care of my 27yo girlfriend for 54 weeks. Her cancer was a genetic expression that could not be avoided or cured. Sometimes, it is in the cards you are dealt and the fight is futile. However, she did not give one inch or second to the disease. She went on with life as though nothing was different and made each moment count. Good quality of life right up till the last week.
    I must say that even though she was the one afflicted the whole process changed me dramatically. I was affected more than I thought possible. And I had no support around me because I was the support giver, the strong one. I was nutty for about 3 years before I got to a point that I could carry on in a normal fashion. If you or someone you know is a caregiver- get help, share the load. If you are the one who is sick- let people take care of you when you are weak. We all have a place in our family of friends as caregivers.

  6. I fought my way through 3 different cancers successfully after I stopped the chemo. I’d tried the chemo for over 4 years and the cancers just got worse and worse as the chemo got more and more drastic. So when I stopped it I then started taking natural cures like massive doses of vitamin B-17, colloidal silver, wolf berry and dandelion teas. I also cut back on my acidic foods such as tomatoes, carbonated drinks, etc. After 6 months my CT scan showed a marked reduction of cancers cells, both in size and number and after a year all the cancer cells were gone from all 3 cancers. The whole time I kept on prepping, knowing that I couldn’t let my family down just because I was sick. My point to this is that a positive attitude, a trust in God and using God given remedies will see you through. It worked for me and can work for you as well if you let it.

  7. I too dealt with cancers – lymphoma and lung cancer at the same time with chemo for the lymphoma and surgery for the lung cancer. There are so many different drugs for chemo, some stronger than others. The rchop that I had is particularly strong. It is hard to compare your treatment to anyone else: it depends on the drug, your age and condition before you start, and the progression of the cancer. I found you just have to go with how you feel from day to day and minute to minute. You can’t force energy if it’s not there. I managed to keep a pretty good sized garden , but it was hard. Just did a little each day that I felt like it. It produced pretty well and I had tomatoes to can. But I’m pretty sure God had my back on that one. Just don’t let people try to tell you what to do. Get a good doc and follow what he says and do all you can to stay healthy too as far as diet and exercise. Read all you can and only listen to people who have been through it. As far as purchasing goes, walmart and amazon are great. I can avoid going to stores which tires me out more than anything. Get everything delivered for free. Yes, there is a paper trail, but don’t need to order tons of anything at one time. Time will pass and you will feel better.

  8. J-
    hI, I myself was diagnosed with cancer nearly two years ago, we lost everything,I mean everything, ended up with multiple organ failure in the ER with a body temp of 104 from the chemo drugs !,I lay in the hospital bed not wanting to die,I had God speak to me, I had a choice,I chose to live !, I chose to be a survivor !, it’s a mental choice,you can give in to the fear in your head or you can choose to fight, the memory verse I printed out and stuck on my bedroom wall became my focus point for when the pain, sicknes, tiredness,got too much, in many ways cancer surivors have a unique bond, you go to a very personal hell and back, you truly learn to appreciate each day you have in this life, will I be be some hyped up rambo when the SHTF happens or a expert able to trek 20 miles in a day ?, no, I have limits now, staying put is my best option, to me I think cancer survivors take suvival to the max, we get to live it first hand.

    my memory verse….

    Deuteronomy 30:19-20
    I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,by loving the LORD your God, by obeying His voice, and by holding fast to Him; for this is your life and the length of your days, that you may live in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.”…

    I chose life……so can you !!!!

    May this help you, peace and blessings.

  9. I had 5 months of chemo with an agent that cost 17 000 per dose and another that cost 5000 per dose. Relax look forward be positive and visualize recovery and better days in the Spring sun light. Pray meditate and be grateful for the medical experts and nurses and aides.

  10. I just got done with treatment for Stage 3b breast cancer. A couple things helped a lot. Before I started treatment, the women in my family came over and we pressure canned many meals that would take little effort to make a dinner, like Almost Done Beef Stroganoff.

    Take advantage of days that you feel better to set food back and clean the house, so that on bad days, dinner and the house are taken care of.

    Keeping a positive mental attitude and deciding I wanted to thrive, not just survive, was a big help.

    The loving support of my husband and family was very pivotal. My husband helped me find ways to modify activities so I could do more of the things I enjoyed.

  11. I watched both my Mother and Grandmother murdered by doctors for profit,they have known the cure for 50 years but with no money in it better to cut and poison for a buck. No cancer can exist in a person with a base blood ph,it shuts off the genetic marker that causes the mutation to express. Victims have been brought back from terminal stage 4 by getting them away from the doctors and getting the actual treatment. Remember: Vitamin C doesn’t cure scurvy because it isn’t a patented drug.

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