Letter: My Take on the U.S. Economy and Politics, and Their Implications for Prepping

I’m a both CPCU and CIC chartered senior insurance agent. I have observed that in a normal [business] year there is all sorts of business formation in the first three months.  I know because they ask for insurance quotes for the pro-forma or just come in and buy insurance, to to kick off operations. That activity has declined over the last three years to the point where it just did not happen this year.

In the lead up to Mr. Obama’s election, business activity oriented to expansion practically stopped.  No one wanted to rent a building.  Very few bought equipment.  No one wanted insurance for a new business.  Lots of people thought you were stupid if you bought a building.

The business activity poll in my office this week tells me someone taken to be pro-business is going to be elected in spite of the political polls calling it neck and neck.  Those political elites seem to put their own “rice bowl” ahead of the health and success of the entire country.

I am making a list of talking heads who I have listened to for advice and news reporters who are talking down “the presumptive nominee.”  I don’t exactly love that presumptive nominee but I see the disaster in the alternative. The choice to me is about opting for “New York rude” versus a criminal.  Think about that.  Rude versus criminal.  A parlor rose can hardly stand the rigors of an election process.  You have to be tough and he is.  We need tough to get us out of this mess.

My fellow readers need to pay attention to the early trend and take advantage of opportunities at the same time you are stocking up on .308 ammunition and establishing redundancy in the locker.  He cannot fix it all at once. – R.V.