Letter: Discounted Freeze Dried Food Sources


I’m reasonably sure lots of your readers are aware, but just in case… Costco (online) has lots of freeze dried foods at really good prices compared to other vendors online. Apparently they buy overstock from many suppliers. Anyway, I just got a case of six #10 cans of Mountain House Breakfast Skillet for $149 with UPS shipping included in the price. Also, I got a case of MH Chicken Stew for $139, with the same free shipping deal.

The prices of these items are usually between $185 and $200 PLUS shipping at three of the popular online providers. (I won’t mention any names.) Costco also has low cost freeze dried products from several other manufacturers with the same deal of free UPS shipping.

No, I don’t have stock in Costco, but a deal is a deal. Thought you would like to know. – B.