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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on the book New Day of Small Beginnings, by French Calvinist Theologian Pierre Courthial.


A reminder that Claire Wolfe’s new book is being released tomorrow–Patriot’s Day (April 19th, 2018): Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I.This nonfiction book was co-authored by Kit Perez. It is available both as an e-book and as a Print On Demand (POD) paperback.

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To the Edges of the Earth: 1909, the Race for the Three Poles, and the Climax of the Age of Exploration

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A New Day of Small Beginnings, by Pierre Courthial. This is a new English translation of a great 1996 book by a French Calvinist theologian. Here is a description: “In A New Day of Small Beginnings, Pierre Courthial paints on an expansive canvas the truths and history of Christianity from creation to the present. His interpretation of history is written from the perspective of a sovereign and personal God overseeing His covenantal plan-a design that remains unthwarted through the ages. From a heavenly panorama, he presents a clear image of history from antiquity to the deification of the modern state.”


The Millionaires’ Unit. A fascinating documentary about World War I aviators from the Yale Flying Club, on DVD. Also available for free download for Amazon Prime members.

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Cartel Land. A great documentary about the struggle between Mexico’s drug mafia, and an armed citizenry. Available on DVD. Also available for free download for Amazon Prime members.

Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Important Note: I am continuing to shift the emphasis of my video links away from YouTube, since they have recently announced a strongly anti-gun policy. On April 16th, tens of thousands of “how to” videos on gunsmithing, gun takedown and assembly, and handloading were removed, without recourse. Please start visiting Full30.com, instead. Be sure to bookmark it. Thanks!

From Small Arms Solutions, over at Full30.com: Decade of the Magpul PMag

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Another video at Full30.com:  CMMG Banshee. (They are shooting the .45 ACP version of the 9mm Banshee that was recently reviewed by SurvivalBlog’s Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.)

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A quite useful how-to video, from Australia: Making Dowels with a Homemade Dowel Plate



Recommended by SurvivalBlog Reader “Liz”: Medline Sterile Home Birth Kits (6-pack.)

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Screwdriver Set – 6 Handcrafted Quality Precision Screw Drivers – Durable Chromium Vanadium Forge Steel – 3 Hollow Ground Flat Head Tips and 3 Phillips Head Tips – Made In The USA

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Original Metrinch USA 12pc 3/8 Drive 12 Point Socket & Ratchet Set–with Inch and Metric Sockets. Made in USA.

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Havahart Small One Door Trap–Made in USA

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  1. “A New Day of Small Beginnings” Pierre Courthail

    I was not only impressed with the thoroughness but the translation was excellent. The book provides an detailed description of the unadulterated Reformed Faith and goes on describe a remedy for our fallen Western civilization. Courthial loves France as debauched as she is but his remedies are also applicable to America and the remainder of the Western World.

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