JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects: 76 Useful Things You Can Build to Create Customized Working Spaces and Storage Facilities, Equip the … Animals, and Make Practical Outdoor Furniture

The Complete Guide to Sharpening

@WAR: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex, by Shane Harris


The Road (starring Viggo Mortensen. It is a favorite with both preppers and survivalists.)

Captain Fantastic (also starring Viggo Mortensen). This movie is marred by copious foul language, brief nudity, and absurd politics. But it makes a compelling case for home schooling and self-sufficiency. It is rated R, and is definitely NOT for kids! (It is now available through Amazon Prime)

BTW, here is a sad addendum: Viggo’s father, V. Peter Mortensen, passed way in early March. Our condolences to the family.

Instructional Videos:

From “Russian Daycare”: AMAZING CAMPING HACKS #2

Max Velocity Tactical: Anatomy of a Peel (JWR’s Comment: Max’s training is very highly regarded and recommended. It appears that for quite rational live fire safety reasons they set this up as a 90-degree offset engagement and withdrawal. Normally, in a meeting engagement with a superior force, a “withdraw by fire” takes a 180-degree exit route.

Box Van Stealth Tiny House Tour & Interview

Element Van Life: One Year Living in a Van What I’ve Learned

Also see this from the same young man: Tour of Honda Element Camper

JWR adds these safety notes: DO NOT depend on spring–loaded battery terminal clamps! Any arcing can spark fires. Use proper bolt-on terminals. It is also important to vent the battery compartment of any un-sealed batteries!

Online Sermon Videos:


Pastor Bob Boone (Mt. Hall Community Church, Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho)

Pastor Don Bergstrom (Grace Baptist Church, Columbia Falls, Montana)


The Shrugging Out Podcast

Stuff You Should Know Podcast


Zero Hedge

The Appalachian Messenger


A must for every well-prepared home: Knife Block Set

Philips 60 Watt Equivalent Soft White A19 LED Light Bulb, 16-Pack

AA Performance Alkaline Batteries (48-Pack)