JWR’s Recommendations of the Week:


The Homeowner’s Advocate: Tips From A Contractor for Dealing With Contractors (The Advocate Series Book 1)

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease


Army of Crime (a slightly fictionalized account of Armenians and other minorities in the French Resistance during World War II.)

Dazzle: The Hidden Story of Camouflage (Documentary) (available through Amazon Prime)



The War – A Documentary Film By Ken Burns and Lynn Novick


Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever

Mark Isham: Vapor Drawings

Instructional Videos:

A great video: 900 Watt Van Conversion full walkthrough (full time stealth travel home) JWR’s Comment: Their dog, I noticed, is of course a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

DIY Perimeter Trip Wire Alarm (These smoke grenade fuze heads are available in sets of four (without spoons) through eBay and Amazon.com. OBTW, someone should write a brief article or make a video on how to use mechanically-fired Magicube photographic flashes for perimeter security. Magicubes (as opposed to electric Flashcubes) use a thin tube filled with contact-sensitive explosive (a fulminate of some sort) that leads into each of the four flashbulbs in each cube. They are set off with just a slight pressure on the bottom wire.)

Krav Maga Training


Radio Free Redoubt: Episode 17-10 Liberty or Death and Approaching Your Pastor on Prepping

Libertarian Christian Institute: Episode 1: Our Libertarian Christian Journey


The Prepper Journal

Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith)


Ridgeyard Craft / Industrial Use Manual Grommet Banner Press Machine 3 Die Mould with 900 Grommet/Eyelet Hand Press Tool Kit – Great for Tarps

ECO-WORTHY 10 Watt (12 VoltDC ) Epoxy Solar Panel Module (Under $20 for a 10 watt panel!)

Here is a very clever and versatile small boat design: The Tetra-Pod