Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“I want to make it clear that if you are just wanting to bolt on a bunch of stuff to a rifle because of the perceived ‘cool’ factor, or you are wanting to collect all the likes on the latest social media app–cool, rock on. If tactical dress up is you game-dude go play to your heart’s content. However, you cannot do that, and at the same time trick yourself into believing that you are preparing for serious self-defense. In my experience, and mine only, I have been much more satisfied shooting a basic gun properly, after going to learn from top notch instructors, than I had been in the past, with cooler gadgets and little knowledge and no formal training. On many occasions I have sold guns to fund a trip to a class, and to date I have not had a single regret about any of those sales. In other words: Instead of spending so much money on hardware, we should instead make it a priority to invest in ourselves, an investment that brings highly desirable returns.” – Nate Osborne, writing in the P&S blog